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FAQ Topic: Planning & Zoning FAQ

Can I put a fence up right on the property line?

Yes, there are not setbacks for fences/walls, however, our Zoning Law requires that the finished side shall face outward, there are height and material restrictions, and fencing cannot be constructed in manner that can constitute a hazard.  Generally speaking it is advised that fencing not be placed within easements or right-of-ways or closer than 10 … Continued

What are the setback requirements for a shed?

Sheds require the same setbacks as the principal structure, except that accessory structures not used for human habitation, having a footprint less than 120 square feet, do not exceed 12 feet in height, or are not used for the housing of animals may encroach halfway into the required setbacks.

Can I have chickens in the Village?

In 2021 the Village Board amended the Zoning Law to address and put standards on the keeping of fowl in the Village. If your property is over 5000sq/ft in area you can have hens, roosters are not permitted.  Section 3-7, Table 2, notes how many birds you can have in relation to the size of … Continued

What type of work needs a zoning permit?

Permits are required for the construction, enlargement, demolition of any structure or for a change of use of a property within the Village.  A “structure” essentially is anything constructed and attached to or on-top of the ground.  This can be a building, shed, pool, wall/fence etc.  Structures and uses within the Historic Overlay District carry … Continued

Do I need a permit to paint my house or replace the roof?

Outside the Historic Preservation Overlay District painting and roof replacement are considered maintenance and repair and do not require a permit. Within the Historic Preservation Overlay District re-painting with the same colors is maintenance and repair, no permit required.  A change of color to a color from a pre-approved list only requires a Zoning Permit.  … Continued

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