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Can I have chickens in the Village?

In 2021 the Village Board amended the Zoning Law to address and put standards on the keeping of fowl in the Village.
If your property is over 5000sq/ft in area you can have hens, roosters are not permitted.  Section 3-7, Table 2, notes how many birds you can have in relation to the size of your property (most properties within the Village can have up to 6 hens).  Hens must be in a fenced area and are not permitted to run free.  A coop and pen are required and must be located in the rear yard, no less than 10 feet from property lines and 20 feet from habitable structures on adjacent properties.  Other provisions and information can be found under Section 3-7 within the amendment: 2021 No. 2 To Amend The Village Of Sackets Harbor Zoning – Sackets Harbor, NY (
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