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The Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) is a Board comprised of 5 members. The duties of the ZBA include:

  1. Interpretation: Upon appeal from a decision by an administrative official or citizen, decide an question involving the interpretation of any provision of the Zoning Law, including determination of the exact location of any district boundary if there is uncertainty.
  2. Variances: To vary or adapt the strict application of any of the requirements of the Zoning Law in the case of exceptionally irregular, narrow, shallow, or steep lots, and other exceptionally physical conditions; or undue use hardships; whereby strict application would result in practical difficulty or unnecessary hardship that would deprive the owner of the reasonable use of the land or building. Variances must meet the criteria of Village Law, legal parameters and the regulations and intent of the Zoning Law. In granting any variance, the Board of Appeals shall prescribe any conditions that it deems to be necessary or desirable.
Jim Corbin Zoning Enforcement Officer Email
Floyd Dame ZBA Member Email
Jon P Constance ZBA Chair Email
Frank Reynolds ZBA Member Email
John Kenna ZBA Member Email
Larry Barone ZBA Member Email
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