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  1. Review for the following type of applications/projects: Site plans, subdivisions, and special permits.
  2. Submittal of an advisory opinion to the Zoning Board of Appeals for variances, when required or requested.
  3. Submittal of an advisory opinion the Village Board for proposed amendments to the zoning Law, when required or requested.
  4. Serve as the Historic Review Board to evaluate the historic and architectural compatibility of all regulated activities within the Historic Overlay District.


  1. The Planning Board shall act in strict accordance with the procedures specified by the Zoning Law.
  2. All applications shall be made in writing on forms prescribed by the Village.
  3. Planning Board decisions shall be made by resolution and contain a record of findings in the case.
Jim Corbin Zoning Enforcement Officer Email
Janet Quinn Planning Board Chair Email
Stasse Perkins Planning Board Member Email
Merle Tousant Planning Board Member Email
Dick Stevens Planning Board Member Email
Mike Smith Planning Board Member Email
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