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FAQ Topic: Codes

What are zoning restrictions in the village?

The Village of Sackets Harbor Zoning Law can be quite lengthy depending upon where you reside. There are certain restrictions in place for the Historic District as well as the Village Core and the Historic Overlay. Please contact our Zoning Enforcement Officer so specific zoning questions.

What are the village dog ordinances?

VILLAGE OF SACKETS HARBOR LAW #2 OF 2001 CONTROL, CONFINING AND LEASHING OF DOGS   Section 1.        PURPOSE. The Board of Trustees of the Village of Sackets Harbor finds that the running at large and other uncontrolled behavior of licensed and unlicensed dogs have caused physical harm to persons, damage to property and have … Continued

How do I start a business in the village?

To file for a DBA, please contact the Jefferson County Clerk. For more information on how to start your business, or questions about obtaining an Employer Identification Number (EIN), please visit the Small Business Development Center.

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