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Zoning News- What is the Sackets Harbor Planning Board and What does it do for our Village? 

Posted on March 6, 2024


Zoning News

What is the Sackets Harbor Planning Board and What does it do for our Village? 

The Planning Board is appointed by the Village Board and consists of five members and one alternate. Board members are volunteers and they may also be your neighbors! The Board helps implement the Sackets Harbor Zoning and Subdivision Law which regulates land uses within the Village. It plays a role in how our community looks, “feels”, and at times, how it changes.

The Zoning Law outlines the scope of the Planning Board’s powers and duties. By far, the Board’s most common functions are:

  • Site Plan and Special Permit Reviews regulating specific uses in specific locations within the Village;
  • Subdivision Review for individuals wanting to divide a parcel into two or more lots; and
  • Acts as the “Historic Review Board” to evaluate the historic and architectural compatibility of regulated activities within the Historic Overlay District.

Basically, when a property owner wants to change the use, add on to their business or residence, build a garage, shed, or fence, all such actions require a zoning permit.

Depending on the property’s zoning district the Zoning Enforcement Officer may be empowered to approve a zoning permit with no further local reviews. However, some actions, particularly within the Historic Overlay District, may require Site Plan Review by the Planning Board to evaluate the proposed activity in terms of its impact on the community’s resources. In reviewing any application, the board considers public safety, aesthetics, and potential impacts on local resources prior to making its decisions.

Public participation and comment are always encouraged, through the public hearing process. The Planning Board meets at 7:00 on the third Wednesday of each month. Erika Maitland, the Deputy Village Clerk is the Planning Board secretary and is an excellent point of contact for additional information regarding application requirements, meeting agendas, and related matters.

Current board members are: Mike Smith, Stasse Perkins, Merle Tousant, Dick Stephens, Janet Quinn, and alternate Craig Parker. These individuals serve the community throughout the year and are required to attend annual training programs. Thanks to this dedicated group of volunteers!


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