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1987 – No.4 – Pertaining to the Sewer User Charge

Section 1. To insure the proper operation, repair and maintenance, it shall be the policy of the Village to establish and impose a scale of annual charges for the use of the sewer system or any part of parts thereof.

Section 2. Definition:
As used in this local law, the following terms shall mean and include:
a. The term Sewer Rent shall mean the rent, rate or charge imposed or levied by the Village for the use of the sewer system or any part or parts thereof.
b. The Village does hereby establish and impose a scale of sewer rents for the service rendered by the sewer system to the real property connected and served by the sewer system upon the basis of one unit of sewer rent for each quarter of use during a twelve month period for use of the sewer system or any part thereof.

Section 3. Current classifications of units are available at the Village Office.

Section 4. It shall be the duty of the Superintendent, or another designated official to make a survey annually or at such times as may be required by the Board of Trustees, to determine whether there is being discharged into the sewer system from any real property, sewage or other wastes, in the opinion of such superintendent, contains unduly high concentrations of solids or any other substances adding to the operating costs of the sewer system. Upon completion of such survey, the superintendent shall file with the Board of Trustees a report of his findings indicating whether additional sewer rent charges should be levied for such sewage or other wastes, and if so, he shall set forth recommended charges for the same. The Board of Trustees is authorized to fix and determine such additional sewer charge therefore as shall be equitable in addition to the sewer rents provided for by the preceding paragraphs of this section.

Section 5. All sewer rents shall be due and payable at the office of the Village Treasurer quarterly at the same time as the water bill for such period be due and payable, or on such other date or dates, or for such other periods as may be determined by the Board of Trustees. In addition to the sewer service charge or rental provided in this section according to the rate specified therein, a further charge of ten percent (10%) of the amount so determined shall be added thereto in each case of failure to make payment on or before the date on which the rent for such period is due, and the total thus obtained shall be the sewer rents in each case.

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