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1985 – No.3 – The Village of Sackets Harbor Sidewalk Local Law

Section 1. This local law repeals and supercedes the Village of Sackets Harbor “Sidewalk Ordinance” which ordinance was adopted on an unknown date and which ordinance is found on page 64 of the Ordinance Book.

Section 2. Effective with the filing of this local law the construction or repairing of any sidewalk in the Village of Sackets Harbor shall be done pursuant to the Direction of the Board of Trustees and under the supervision of the Department of Public Works.

Section 3. Effective immediately the expense of constructing or repairing any sidewalk within the village shall be borne as follows:
The property owner shall be responsible for an pay 100% of the cost of any materials required for such construction or repair.
The Village shall provide at its expense 100% of the labor reasonably required for such construction or repair.

Section 4. This local law shall take effect immediately on its filing.

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