1976 – No.2 – Trailer Law

Section 1. WHEREAS; the locating of trailers and mobile homes shall be prohibited on the following streets: Hounsfield Street, Dodge Avenue, Broad Street North and South, Hill Street north of Washington, Washington Street, General Smith Drive, Main Street East and West, Monroe Street, Bayard Street, Ray Street, Woolsey Street, Hamilton Street, Edmund Street, Ambrose Street from the junction of Edmund Street North to West Main Street. Prohibited within 250 feet of the above street margins.

For the purpose of this local law those vehicles defined as recreational vehicles shall not be utilized for full time living purposes.

All trailers and mobile homes covered under this local law must comply with “State Code for Construction and Installation of Mobile Homes Standards, Rules & Regulations for Mobile Homes” effective January 15, 1974.

Trailers and Mobile Homes: A portable structure with or without it’s own mode of power, composed of a minimum of 480 square feet of floor area, equipped to be so mounted and transported (does not include camping or recreation vehicles or sectional pre-fabricated houses).

Recreation Vehicles: Shall include motor homes, truck campers and camping trailers less than forty-eight (48) feet in length.

Section 2. Violation and Penalties

A violation of this law is an offense punishable by a fine not exceeding fifty dollars ($50) and/or imprisonment of seven day and week week’s continued violation shall constitute a separate offense.
Complaints of violations: Whenever a violation of this law occurs any person may file a complaint in regard thereto. All such complaints must be in writing and shall be filed with the building inspector, who shall properly record such complaint and immediately investigate and report thereon to the Village Board.
This local law shall take effect immediately.

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