Village Of Sackets Harbor

March 10, 2009: Mayor's Report March 2009


Mayor's Report

March 2009

We had an opportunity to discuss the Sewer Plant funding options with residents at our last Village Board Meeting.  Village Engineer Kris Dimmick presented an overall review of the stimulus funding program and answered all questions.

Since my last letter, the debt which the Village would incur has improved; more of the proposed plan is to be given in a grant to the village (50%).  As the program stands now, each household would incur an increase in their quarterly water and sewer bill of $130 a year. 

This past year the Village Board reduced the tax rate from $7 per thousand to $6.75 per thousand, due in part to the 2 million dollar increase in the Village tax revenue from new construction in the Village.  We are again looking at again lowering the tax rate in our new fiscal year starting June 1.  We should know more about this option by next month.  In the mean time, please write, email or call with your questions.

This coming summer should be busy for the village;  we are targeting activity at Fort Pike Park, Stoodly Park and a trail system.  It is my hope that all three will be started with both Fort Pike Park and Stoodley Park, possibly completed this summer.  The trail system (fingers crossed) should get started.

As usual, please contact the Village Office with concerns or questions.

Respectfully submitted,

Eric Constance, Mayor

Village of Sackets Harbor