Village Of Sackets Harbor

July 16, 2008



By Mayor Mike Kinnie

N.Y. Senate Majority Leader Skelos and Deputy Majority Leader Libous visited Sackets Harbor to announce the final approval of the Hamilton Storm Water Interceptor Grant for $500,000 on July 7.  We were very proud and honored that the new leaders would include Sackets Harbor on their first upstate tour.  The press conference was held at the Sentinel Bandstand with the beautiful harbor as a backdrop.  The grant monies originally earmarked by Senator Wright will assist the Village in addressing storm water run off and spring flooding issues in the area of Monroe Street, help reduce the pressure on our sanitary sewer system, assist us with the D.E.C. compliance order, as well as promote more economic development and residential housing.

Local Law No.1, 2008 - Amending Duties of Alternate on Planning Board was passed after a public hearing at the July 8th meeting.  The amendment is to allow alternates on the Planning Board to serve as full members when a member is absent or when an existing member has to recuse him/herself from a subject. The vote was 5-0 in favor.

Local Law No. 2, 2008 - Sidewalk Law Amendment was passed after a public hearing at the July 8th meeting. 

The amended law helps address this Village's interest in eventually having sidewalks on both sides of streets for safety and aesthetic reasons.  It requires that new developers install sidewalks on both sides of the street, requires new houses that are built on vacant land to install a sidewalk (if there is an adjacent sidewalk), requires the Village to pay for the installation of any new sidewalks in front of existing houses, and splits the maintenance of existing sidewalks between the landowner and the Village (as the previous law had stated).  After a public hearing the law passed 5-0.

Local Law No. 3, 2008 - Outdoor Furnaces Burning Ban

The law bans the installation of outdoor furnaces within Village limits for environmental and aesthetic reasons.  Existing furnaces are "grandfathered".  After the public hearing the law passed 5-0 in favor.


Village of Sackets Harbor Board Meeting

July 8, 2008

NYSERDA Energy Audits - open to anyone in the village.  NYSERDA, New York State Energy, Research, Development Authority has developed a program with North Country Energy Smart Communities to offer a low cost energy audit of any residential, commercial, or municipal building.  They will review your building and make recommendations for energy savings.  Fee is $100 or less and if you do any of the recommended upgrades, you are reimbursed for the cost of the audit fee.   Also matching grants may be available.  For more information contact Community Energy Services at

Town/Village Consolidation/Shared Services - There is a joint (Town/Village) committee researching the different possibilities of consolidation and/or shared services between the Town and the Village.  We are currently gathering facts and figures and will be meeting with the different department heads from the Town and Village in the next few months.  There is a push by the State to consolidate and/or share as many services as possible and our committee is looking into what makes the most sense for both the Town and the Village.  The next meeting is 7/16/08.  The public is welcome to attend. 

1812 Shootout - LaCrosse Tournament - July 12 & 13 and July 19 & 20th.  Coordinated by Mike Green and Tom O'Brien.  There are 224 teams participating this year.  The school will be providing a shuttlebus between the fields at Madison Barracks and Downtown.  The cost of the bus has been underwritten by Bette & Cring.  Funds raised will go to girls' basket ball team at the school.  Expect close to 15,000 people to come through the village.

Can Am Festival - July 18, 19, 20 - There are three days of events planned this year.  We thank Co-Chairpersons Sherry Derouin and Joel Derouin and all the other volunteers that continue to make the Can Am Festival a major success.  A few of the highlights include the Can Am Parade starting at 11am on the 19th, a boat parade, mini-concerts, craft fair, Plein Air Art Derby,  children's shows and Ole Time Baseball on Sunday (the Sackets Ontarios are playing Kingston at 11 am and Rochester at 1 pm.  For more information about any of the events go to, or contact the Visitors' Center 646-2321. Fireworks will be Saturday night over the Harbor and are sponsored by Bette and Cring.  Recommended fireworks viewing includes Market Square Park the Sackets Mansion Lawn

RidgeviewTel Update - The company is currently in the Village installing our free municipal phone service at all the Village buildings and a free wireless hot spot up and down the Main Street business district.  The company will also be offering services to the public at large.

Community Forums:

                                Another Recreation Forum is scheduled for July 30, 2008

                                The ESF intern Community Conversation on the future of Market Square Park will be August 14, 2008


LDC Public Forum - As part of our on-going relationship with SUNY ESF the Village has developed an internship program with SUNY ESF.  Most recently we have been working with professor Cheryl Doble and two students Amanda Cesari and Sara Mills.   A public forum and community conversation was held on July 10th and we had approximately two dozen residents participate.  We worked on visioning for the LDC property located on the old Augsbury Oil land and came up with some very interesting and exciting ideas for the future.  Amanda will be preparing a report based on the community input.

There will also be a community conversation on Market Square Park scheduled for August 14, 2008.

Sackets Harbor Green Initiative Update - A Sustainable Energy Fair is scheduled to be on Saturday September 6th from 10-4 at the School gym.  We plan to offer presenters and vendors for sustainability products, contractors, and programs.  The fair will be very educational and help encourage more people to "go green."

Sackets Harbor Bandstand Sign - Trustee Barone will be working with Jeff Derouin, one of the volunteers who first built the Sackets Harbor Bandstand at Market Square Park to design and erect (as the Village had previously promised) a sign dedicating the bandstand to the Sackets Harbor Sentinels.

Seasonal Water Use Rates -  There have been some concerns voiced by the public that the current system for charging seasonal users is unfair.  The Village began to review the situation at the last meeting and is in the process of gathering more information as to how our current fee system works in comparison to other similar village's with seasonal water rates.  The Village Board will be reviewing the information and will be having a work session on the issue in the near future. As part of the discussion, Village Engineer Kris Dimmick gave an overview of the water system as a utility.  He described the increasing obligations and costs associated with government required testing and treatment in the water system as well as our on-going desire to rebuild our antiquated system and comply with the D.E.C consent order.  He explained that the water system is a stand alone budget and can not be supported by property taxes and general fund income.  The burden is onerous and debt must be paid all year round.  The Village Water budget is currently $300,000 a year.  Please note, residents who are not included in the water system do not pay into the water fund. It is a big challenge to distribute the debt in an equitable and fair manner.  Two years ago approximately 55% of the cost of the water budget goes to debt service.  This past year approximately 34% of the water budget went to debt service.

Street Naming Policy - The Heritage Area Committee proposed to the Village the idea of developing a list of historic names

from which developers can choose for any new streets they build.  The idea was also endorsed by the Planning Board.  After a

brief discussion, the Village Board decided to seek out more public input and revisit the issue at the next Board meeting.


Deputy Mayor Constance

         Police - working on manpower shortage and gas costs.  Need better budgeting for event security.

         Shared Services - Next meeting with the Town 7/16/08 at the Public Safety Building.

         Outdoor wood burning furnaces - now local law

         A couple individuals have reported some yards that require maintenance, long grass, etc.  There are currently no maintenance laws.  Would like a letter to go to those owners.

Trustee Frechette


Trustee Frechette moved to accept hiring of:

6 full time counselors:  Jessica Nappi, Lindsey Grey, McKenzie Townsend, Meghan Higgins, Gabe Altieri and Jake Simmons.

3 part time, replacement employees - up to 15 hours a week:  Olivia Townsend, Carlie Green and Rusty Sheppard.

1 Director: Ryan Tastor and

1 Assistant Director - Amie Cousins.

Trustee McKay seconded the motion.  Vote 5-0 in favor.

         104 children are signed up for the summer recreation program; 68 from the Town and 36 from the Village.

         Because of increased costs and space limitations (school is under construction) we are unable to accommodate older students this year.

         Boys Baseball Teams: all five made the playoffs this year.

Trustee Barone

         Street Signs - worked with Jefferson County Engineering Supervisor, Kevin J. Wilder.  Surveyed West Washington Streets and West Main Streets:  Recommendations include; replace all stop signs over ten years old, separate poles are required for stop signs and street signs.  Trim plantings around traffic control signs.  Review the number of no parking signs around the Public Safety Building, create more friendly parking signage.  Trustee Barone will submit survey and recommendations to DPW Supervisor, Lonny Reinhardt

         LaCrosse Shootout - Donated design service for storefront welcome signs.  Designed and facilitated creation of directional signs.

Trustee McKay

         General Code - Electronic Document Management - Submitted report and recommendations regarding Document Management Seminar and Village paper records.  The system is reasonably inexpensive to start with and there may be grants available through NYS Archives.  Heritage Area Director, Dave Altieri and Trustee McKay will look into it.

         Marketing Committee - met last month, will not meet in July and August unless the need arises.  Barbara Maddocks resigned, looking for interested members.  Request for more visible restroom signs taken care of by DPW.  Treasurer will provide the committee with monthly budget updates.

         Chamber of Commerce Report - Met July 3 - the Historic Deck of cards is now being sold in all the stores in the village.

         Water and Sewer - Appreciate the Board looking at the Seasonal Water Rates, and hope they will consider how other utilities manage their customers.

Heritage Area Director, David Altieri

Director's Report

Mr. Altieri submitted a grant for recreation trail through NYS transportation.  We expect an announcement in December.

The Village has been awarded a grant for a strategic plan and historic landmark for the battlefield.  Sackets Harbor Battlefield has been designated as one of the top ten significant battlefield sites for the war of 1812.

The Village Board appointed Steve Swain to the Heritage Area Committee.

A lot is going on in the Village this summer we hope you have plenty of time to enjoy all our Village has to offer.  If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to contact me any time at the Village office (315) 646-3548 or

Respectfully Submitted,

Michael R. Kinnie; Mayor

Village of Sackets Harbor