Village Of Sackets Harbor

June 24, 2008


Village of Sackets Harbor
June 17, 2008

  • Citizen of the Year - Errol Flynn - The Village Board presented Errol with

a framed plaque and the proclamation naming Errol Flynn as Village of
Sackets Harbor's 2008 Citizen of the Year.
Errol had a lot of nice comments about the Village from when he was a kid
all the way to his return in the 1990's when he and his family founded the
Sackets Harbor Brewing Company and Goodfello's. He thanked his family and
the community and added the song "What a wonderful World" reminds me of this
village.  We are very proud to have Errol and his family in our Village.

Citizen of the Year, 2008
Errol S. Flynn

WHEREAS, Errol S. Flynn has served with distinction as a Trustee of the
Village of Sackets Harbor, and

WHEREAS, through his leadership, he has served as a member of the Can-Am
Festival Committee, Old Time Baseball, a true business leader, and

WHEREAS, Errol S. Flynn is a co-founder of the Sackets Harbor Brewing
Company, thereby putting Sackets Harbor, New York on the map as one of the
top New York State breweries, and

WHEREAS, through his business leadership helps to make the Sackets Harbor
Beer Fest (formerly Oktoberfest) a major event for the Village, and

WHEREAS, he dedicates many endless hours of volunteer work toward making
Sackets Harbor a community we can all be proud of.

THEREFORE,  be it resolved that Mr. Errol S. Flynn is hereby named as
Village of Sackets Harbor CITIZEN OF THE YEAR FOR 2008.

  • 1812 Shootout - LaCrosse Tournament - July 12 & 13 and 19 & 20.
Co-Founders Mike Green and Tom O'brien gave a brief history of the shootout.
It started 14 years ago with 8 teams, two fields and a cooler.  This year
they project a 4 day tournament with 224 teams.  They expect approximately
8000 players and spectators.  The Boys Tournament will be the first weekend
and will produce the biggest crowds and the most teams.  They want to make
the Sackets tournament bigger than the Lake Placid tournament.  They request
the people put up banners and signs, decorate Main Street and embrace the
visitors.  They also suggest more restaurants be open for lunch.  The SHCS
is working with the Tournament to provide shuttle bus service (paid for by a
local developer) from Madison Barracks (where the Tournament is held) to
Main Street.  Their will be tour guides on the bus and a nominal fee will be
donated to one of the School fundraisers.

  • Zoning Change - A zoning change is being proposed by the Village Board
from a Single Family Residential to General Residential 2 (SFR to GR2)
because a local developer is interested in building a professional office
building between Wheat Street and the Lakeside Cemetery.  A dentist might be
relocating to Sackets and open up a new office at that location.  The
Village Board agreed to schedule a public hearing on July 8th to discuss
this proposed change.  Attracting more professional offices to the Village
will increase the quality of life, cut down on trips to Watertown, and
attract even more professionals to both live and work in Sackets.
Ironically, the current SFR allows for mortuaries, but not dentist offices.

  • GREEN INITIATIVE - NYSERDA Energy Audits - New York State Energy Research
and Development Agency offers low cost energy audits for residential,
commercial and government building.  The Village Board agreed to use the
NYSERDA program to audit our buildings and I recommend everyone in the
Village do the same.  There is more information on NYSERDA's website and the
Sackets Harbor Green Guide on our website.

  • Sue Senach, the professor from SUNY ESF whose class put together the Green
Guidebook and Community Conversations has taken a sabbatical with the
Department of State.  She is working on a project where the DOS is working
on how to bring all the different State Agencies together to encourage
communities to become more sustainable and she choose the Village as one of
the model communities with which to work.

  • SCHOOL - We are also working with the SHCS School to present a Sustainable
Energy Fair/Wellness Program in the fall at the school which will feature
Sustainable energy presenters and vendors as well Wellness events and
vendors.  More to come.

  • Third Alarm Building - There has been discussion about the Village buying
the Public Safety Building (3rd Alarm) from the Town.  After much discussion
with the Town Justices and members of the community I believe it makes more
sense for the Village and the Town to own the building together.  It opens
up the opportunity for more grants and more shared services.  The idea would
be that the Village Office would be on one side of the building and the Town
Justice office on the other.  We would share the Court Room for meeting
space etc.

  • SHARED SERVICES - I went to the New York State Conference of Mayor's
convention last week and attended a seminar on shared services and
consolidation of Villages and Towns.  Currently New York State pays 79%
higher property taces on average than the rest of the Country.  One of the
reasons is we have so many layers of government.  The average municipality
in New York State (whether Town or Village) is 2500 people or less.  In our
Town we have two layers of government (the Town and Village) for
approximately that amount of people.  Therefore, economically it makes sense
to consolidate.  However, how is this achieved so that no one loses their
identity?  One possible option was is a "Co-Terminus" Town and Village where
there would be one Board that governs both entities, but each entity would
maintain its identity, zoning, and laws.  Currently the New York State
Department of State of State is offering grants of up to $50,000 to look
into consolidation.

  • CAN AM FESTIVAL - A new addition to the Can Am Festival will be the Boat
Parade on Saturday July 19th.  The boat parade will be from 1-2pm
(immediately following the Can Am parade down Main Street). Don't forget to
participate in all the wonderful events on Can Am weekend (July 18-20)
including the parades, Old Time Baseball, concerts, etc

  • NYCOM Public Works Award - Also at the NYCOM Conference the Village was
awarded  2nd place in the village achievement public works category for its
Sewer project with Madison Barracks.

  • ZONING RE-WRITE COMMITTEE - is busy working with Attorney and Planner Joel
Russell (who worked with Saratoga and other progressive communities) to
re-write our zoning laws to more reflect the historic make-up of the Village
and at the same time be more user friendly.  We will be presenting the plan
at a public forum in August.

  • Sackets Harbor Fire Department Update - We are still waiting to hear from

Supreme Court Judge Hugh Gilbert on the petitions brough before him to
dissolve the SHFD and the counter petitions by the Village, the SHFD
Insurance Company and the NYS Attorney General's Office. 


On a happier note, at the SHFD Banquet Tom McKay was named "Fireman of the Year" for 2007 and
Steve Sullivan was named "Fireman of the Year" for 2008.  Steve Joels was
named "EMS of the Year" for 2007 and Janelle Eyles was named "EMS of the Year" for 2008.

If you have any questions please feel free to call me at the Village Office
(315) 646-3548.  The next Village Board Meeting will be Tuesday, July 8 at 7

Respectfully Submitted,

Mayor Michael Kinnie