Village Of Sackets Harbor

1986 - No.2 - Interim Development Law

Law Number 2 of the year 1986
September 15, 1986
September 10, 1986

I. Short Title

This local law shall be known and may be cited as the Interim Development Law of the Village of Sackets Harbor.


II. Legislative Intent And Findings Of Fact

    A. Background

        The Village of Sackets Harbor, Jefferson County, New York, concerned about the rapid increase in proposed new land uses and development in the Village, County, and region, spurred by the expansion of Fort Drum, a United States Army Post, and the adequacy of standards contained in the Village's current development regulations, has appointed a committee which will conduct a comprehensive review of its policies for development. Said policies are found in the Village's Master Plan of 1962, its Local Waterfront Revitalization Program, its Urban Cultural Parks Program, and its Historic District. Together, these planning and implementation documents comprise the Village's Comprehensive Plan.


The aforementioned comprehensive review will result in an updated Comprehensive Plan and the preparation of necessary amendments to the zoning law to implement such Plan.


     B. Legislative Findings of Fact

         The Village Board does hereby find that, pending the completion of the necessary surveys, studies, meetings, and other actions incident to updating the Plan, and any revisions and amendments of the Village Zoning Law to reflect such Plan as has been indicated above, that appropriate and salutory measures must be taken for a reasonable interim period to protect the public interest by preserving the integrity of said Comprehensive Plan.


     C. Legislative Intent

         Pursuant to authority duly vested in it, it is the intention of the Village Board to protect said Comprehensive Plan and to preserve its intended objectives and insure implementation by hereby adopting reasonable protective interim regulations during preparation and consideration of aforesaid Plan and prospective changes in the Zoning Law and thereby to protect the public interest and welfare and prevent premature land development which could prejudice the integrity and objectives of the Comprehensive Plan or result in the establishment of land use patterns which might be inconsistent with and in violation of the intent of the Comprehensive Plan. The Village Board further has provided herein for a review and appeals procedure to avoid or minimize any inequities or hardships which may derive from the strict application of these regulations.