Village Of Sackets Harbor

1989 - No.2 - Amending Local Law #2 For the Year 1987, as amended, to Delete SHopping Center as a Permitted Use in General Residential 2 District.

Law Number 2 of the Year 1989
June 14, 1989
June 14, 1989

Section 1. Local Law #2 for the Year 1987, the village of Sackets Harbor Zoning Law, as previously amended; Article IV; Section 4-1a General Residential 2 (GR2); D. Site Plan Review Uses is hereby amended to read as follows:


D. Site Plan Review Uses

Mortuary Establishment

Public Utility

Farm and Farm Structure

Recreation, Outdoor

Recreation, Indoor

Retail, Small

Professional Offices


Section 2. This Local Law shall take effect upon filing with the Secretary of State and as provided in Section 7-706 of the Village Law.